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Local TV stations like WLS-TV in Chicago, Ill., and WTVD in Raleigh, N.C., have recently begun experimenting with augmented reality for weather forecasts.
Augmented Reality allows presenters to be more open with the  audience and not have to turn their back to viewers,” as well as  allowing “them [to] actually explain to the audience what is going on by  using augmented weather objects.”

Demonstration video of Max Reality’s AR Weather System
Why is it important?

Many  local broadcast meteorologists say that national reporting on severe  weather is out of control, sloppy and incessantly hyped. They say  this is spreading misinformation that may be desensitizing viewers to  actual weather risk.
Enhanced tools, such as Augmented Reality, make weather presentations more accurate and easier to understand.

source: https://nabpilot.org/augmented-reality-for-weather/ , 4/30/23

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